Monthly Dividend Income Report: January 2018

Here it is – my monthly dividend income for January 2018. January brought in $395.96 in dividend income!! That’s the most I’ve ever obtained in a single month! Looking to break the $500 monthly goal in 2018! Wally’s 2018 Monthly Dividend Income January 2018: $395.96 July 2018: February 2018: August 2018: March 2018: September 2018: April… Read More »

Monthly Dividend Income Report: December 2017 and Annual

Hey everyone – my monthly dividend income for December 2017 was $250.22!! Check out the chart below:   Also – annual income in 2017 for dividends was $2018.13!!! This is my first year tracking my monthly dividends and I can see the value in doing this exercise. Check out the table below: Wally’s Monthly Dividend Income January 2017:… Read More »

How to retire in 5 years?

How would you like to retire in 5 years from today? This goal is completely achievable, according to Jacob Lund Fisker, author of Early Retirement Extreme. In a nutshell, this book shows you how to retire at a young age. Being  conscious of spending habits with the intention of being highly efficient is key.  Why… Read More »